Through Deloitte Australia, Australian CleanTech offers the following services to facilitate industry growth and its associated jobs, investment and trade:

Project & Company Services
Australian CleanTech provides companies and project proponents with all the services required to deliver cleantech projects. This includes activities through the commercialisation of products, the delivery of strategic initiatives for established businesses and the development of partnerships and strategies to make step changes to performance.

Further details on Project Services can be found here.

Investor Services
Australian CleanTech provides investors with research, sourcing and transaction management services to enable investments to be made having fully considered the risk profile and opportunities available.

Further details on Investor Services can be found here.

Government Services
Australian CleanTech provides Governments with a national and international perspective to ensure that their cleantech policy initiatives deliver the greatest benefits to their communities.

Further details on Government Services can be found here.

Facilitating and Delivering Successful
Clean Technology Investments

Cleantech incorporates the industries
of the future

Connecting People, Finance
and Technology throughout Asia

Cleantech drives jobs,
investment and trade



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  • Managing Director
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