Project Services

Source funding
Depending on the project development stage and industry sector, Australian CleanTech can source and arrange funding from investors such as Private Equity, Venture Capital, Initial Public Offering or individual Sophisticated Investors such as Angels.

Making Industry More Efficient
Australian CleanTech provides strategic consulting to industrial clients to help them to understand the potential benefits they can secure from considering cleantech solutions to improve their resource efficiency and to reduce financial and environmental liabilities.

Sustainable Innovation & Leadership Course
Australian CleanTech delivers targeted short courses to industry and government agencies to help them make step changes in leadership thinking, innovation and the transition to sustainability.

European Investor Relations
Australian CleanTech has established an innovative joint venture to provide increased linkages between Australian listed cleantech companies and willing institutional investors in mainland Europe. The joint venture is with the Münster-based Dr. Reuter Investor Relations with Australian CleanTech representing the group to companies in Australia.

Communications Strategy
To market a company or project to attract the optimum level and profile of funding requires a careful consideration of the needs of both the project proponents and the potential investors. Australian CleanTech can assist in positioning and marketing of companies and projects to ensure they have the best chance to secure private or government funding or to secure new customers.

Industry and Technology Due Diligence
Australian CleanTech provides research into industry growth potential or competitor activity together with more specific research on technical issues relevant to a specific project or investment. The technical and industry reports can be used as part of a bankable feasibility study.

Strategic consulting
Through its experience in developing Cleantech projects, Australian CleanTech is able to provide advice on overall strategic direction and facilitate a process through which the project proponents develop and detail their own strategic future.

Project delivery
Australian CleanTech can provide assistance, through advice on project delivery strategy or direct management throughout a project’s development including implementation and delivery.

Portfolio management
Australian CleanTech can assist in managing multiple development and operating projects in a project portfolio. In particular, Australian CleanTech specialises in balancing the cash flow needs of projects at varying development stages which is critical in ensuring longevity of a company.



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