Government Services

Research Service
Australian CleanTech has developed and maintains and extensive global database of cleantech companies and has assessed company potential with respect to technology, management and finance. Australian CleanTech is able to provide reports on industry sectors and individual companies to meet the research needs of Government bodies. Read more

Innovation Strategy
Australian CleanTech has developed and delivered innovation programs to support both industry and individuals. Innovation is at the heart of building better futures and we have extensive experience in developing practical programs that deliver tangible and meaningful ourcomes.

Policy Development
Australian CleanTech provides proposals and suggestions on potential policy directions for Governments at all levels. This is achieved through listening to the stated Government aims and combining this with a thorough understanding of the industry dynamics to know how policies can be implemented.

Policy Analysis
Australian CleanTech provides analysis of current and proposed legislative impacts on the cleantech industry.

Economic Development
Australian CleanTech advises on economic development issues with respect to stimulating investment through policy measures to enhance growth in the sector and its associated jobs, investment and trade.

Facilitation of Industry Clusters
As part of a package of economic development measures, ACT is developing an industry cluster to enable centres of excellence to be built in all the cleantech sectors.

Information Dissemination
Australian CleanTech arranges, hosts and delivers information seminars to and for Government bodies to further the knowledge of the likely trends emerging in the cleantech industry.

Approvals Review
Australian CleanTech has a thorough knowledge of the approvals processes required to invest in and then deliver cleantech projects. The company provides reports to Government bodies as part of the approvals assessment process.

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