VISIONS 2100: Stories from Your Future

Through VISIONS written by eighty of the world’s leading environmental thinkers and influencers, climate change is presented as an opportunity to rebuild a better world. The positive stories enable engagement with the wider community - no more stories foreshadowing doom!

The book balances worries about catastrophe with social and environmental improvements by referencing psychology, management thought, case studies and personal anecdotes. The visions are all written from viewpoint of the year 2100 looking back over the last century. The contributors include those leading the process of making global agreements on climate change.

With a call to action to write and communicate your own vision, the book seeks to change the global conversation on climate change.

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Opportunities Beyond Carbon: Looking Forward to a Sustainable World


A compilation of essays by key politicians, investors, business people, activists and academics on how to make the most of the current predicament.

Watch Bill McKibben's video presentation to the book launch in 2009 where he talks about how is just starting out and their plans for the future. 

This fresh, lucid and practical optimism for the future offers a foundation for an entirely new and proactive attitude to climate change.

"Verily I say unto you: this is a New Testament, containing hope of a planetary resurrection… Read this book. Immediately. This book should be set to music and sung aloud by all policy makers" Phillip Adams, broadcaster, columnist.

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