Australian CleanTech Index

The Australian CleanTech Index is now published by Deloitte's Energy Transition team. All reports from FY20 will be published there as as well as on this website.

The Australian CleanTech Index provides a measure of the performance of the Australian listed stocks in the Cleantech sector. With over 90 companies following under the coverage of the index and with a combined market capitalisation of over $50Bn, the index presents the only picture of the industry’s growth in a single measure.


'Cleantch Stocks come of age' - Australian Financial Review, June 2016

Renewable Energy Stocks put in a Shining Performance - The Australian, July 2016

Clean tech stocks continue to outperform market - The Fifth Estate, February 2017


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2020-21 Index Performance Reports

2Q21 DACT Performance Report  
1Q21 DACT Performance Report 

2019-20 Index Performance Reports

FY20 DACT Annual Performance Report  
3Q20 DACT Performance Report  
2Q20 DACT Performance Report  
1Q20 DACT Performance Report 

2018-19 Index Performance Reports

FY19 DACT Annual Performance Report  
3Q19 DACT Performance Report  
2Q19 Performance Report
1Q19 Performance Report 

2017-18 Index Performance Reports

July 2017 Performance Report
August 2017 Performance Report
1Q18 Performance Report
November 2017 Performance Report
2Q18 Performance Report
January 2018 Performance Report 
February 2018 Performance Report  
3Q18 Performance Report 
April 2018 Performance Report  
May 2018 Performance Report  
FY18 Annual Performance Report 

2016-17 Index Performance Reports

July 2016 Performance Report
August 2016 Performance Report
1Q17 Performance Report
October 2016 Performance Report
November 2016 Performance Report
2Q17 Performance Report
January 2017 Performance Report
February 2017 Performance Report
3Q17 Performance Report
April 2017 Performance Report
May 2017 Performance Report 
FY17 Annual Performance Report

2015-16 Index Performance Reports

July 2015 Performance Report
August 2015 Performance Report  
1Q16 Performance Report
2Q16 Performance Report 
January 2016 Performance Report
February 2016 Performance Report
3Q16 Performance Report
April 2016 Performance Report 
May 2016 Performance Report
FY16 Annual Performance Report

2014-15 Index Performance Reports

2013-14 Index Performance Reports

2012-13 Index Performance Reports

2011-12 Index Performance Reports

2010-11 Index Performance Reports

2009-10 Index Performance Reports

2008-09 Index Performance Reports

2007-08 Index Performance Reports


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