Australian CleanTech writes articles for numerous journals providing information on the cleantech sector and the opportunities that are emerging.

Some of these articles are provided below.

Cleantech Overview
What is Cleantech?
The Unstoppable Growth of Cleantech
Cleantech - Mainstream and at the Edge
What's Wrong with Cleantech?
Cleantech Benefits for Australia
Cleantech Collaboration
Cleantech Cure for Climate Fatigue
Australia's Cleantech Dance with Asia
Cleantech: The Teenage Years
China's Cleantech Boom: An opportunity for Australia - published in Australia China Quarterly
Korea - Green Growth and Beyond
China - The Beijing Cough Imperative
Singapore - Building Cleantech EcoSystems

Cleantech Investments
An Introduction to Clean Technology Investments
Clean Technology Investments
A Shocking Year for Environmental Investments
Eco Investing on the ASX
Europe's Cleantech Investment Potential
Clean Technology Investments - Short and Long Term Trends - published in the The European Financial Review

Cleantech in China - see for more information
Australian CleanTech's sister company, Sino CleanTech, writes, sources and edits articles on cleantech investing in and for China. These are published each month in Mandarin in Top Capital, one of China's leading investment journals ( The articles are republished here with permission.

Cleantech Investments: The Future of Industry, John O'Brien, Sino CleanTech
Cleantech Global Overview, John O'Brien, Sino CleanTech
Cleantech and the New World Order, Anne McIvor, Cleantech Investor, UK
Wind Energy in China, Ian Birkby, AzoCleantech, Australia
SRI Impact Investing, Tenke Zoltani, Switzerland
Middle East Cleantech Investment, Georgine Roodenrys, Clean Energy Business Council, UAE
Emissions Reductions Technologies, Policies and Investments, Anna Skarbek, ClimateWorks, Australia
Cleantech Investing in China, John O'Brien, Sino CleanTech
Cleantech Clusters for Global Investment, Ben Taube, Global Cleantech Cluster Association, US
Global Renewable Energy Outlook, Bloomberg, Singapore
Ireland's Cleantech Advantage, Ronan Furlong, The Greenway, Ireland
Global Clean Energy Leaders: China, Tim Buckley, Arkx Investment Management, Australia
What Happened to the Traditional IPO?, Ann Bowering, SIM Venture Stock Exchange, Australia
Water: Undervalued and Misunderstood, Debra Tan, China Water Risk
Has the China Cleantech Bubble Burst? John O'Brien, Sino CleanTech
Electric Vehicles - A New Industry (slowly) emerges, Anne McIvor, Cleantech Investor, UK
Fighting Carbon with Fire, Lisa Wade, Ecofin Australia
Costs of Natural Caital Dependency, Chaoni Huang, Trocost, Beijing
Australia: Unlimited Opportunities in Clean Energy, Austrade, Australia
Finding, funding and fostering the most promising cleantech startups on the planet, Kevin Braithwaite, Cleantech Open, US
Environmental, Social & Governance Risks in China, Valentina WU, SynTao - Sustainability Solutions, Beijing
Australian Investment Opportunities, John O'Brien, Australian CleanTech

Sector Analysis
Why Gas is not Cleantech
Cleantech in the Built Environment - Today & Tomorrow
Water, water...
Australian Algae Ascending
Will Non-energy Cleantech be Left Behind?
Australia Missing its Time in the Sun

FTA Ignores China's Biggest Challenge
Carbon Communication Lacks Vision
A Role for the Minister’s Wife: Australia’s Place at the Global Cleantech Table
Australian Politics, Wind and Batteries
Emissions Trading - a Question of Courage!
The Battle for Emissions Trading Profits
Cleantech Doldrums
Union Making Workers Unemployable
Looking Beyond Ford (and Holden) to a Cleantech Future
Carbon Baths and Cleantech Babies

Opportunities Beyond Carbon
Leadership, Sustainability & Learning How to Think - published in the Adelaide Review
The Beauty of Pessimism
Green Bubbles
Environmental Entrepreneurs - the Missing Link!
Green Benefits for All Business
Three Shades of Green
Prosperous Sustainability

Facilitating and Delivering Successful
Clean Technology Investments

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