Sydney CleanTech Network

The Sydney CleanTech Network (SCN) is the Sydney based operation of the Australian CleanTech Network.

It provides a forum for investors, companies, government and academia to meet, learn about the sector and collaborate. The SCN is a non-profit making venture and provides a forum for the organising partners to increase their industry profile whilst providing a useful forum for industry participants.

The SCN has evolved into the single connection point in Victoria for those interested in the cleantech sector.

The principles that underpin the SCN are:
  • not having ‘members’ as it is strongly believed that this requirement would stifle and discourage emerging, innovative collaboration amongst participants;
  • where appropriate, attracting attendees by engaging with industry organisations and asking them to bring along their members, thus avoiding being seen as a threat to those organisations;
  • wherever possible, provide events free of charge to remove any barriers to attendance;
  • ensuring that each event has a different format and is held in a different venue to maintain interest levels;
  • developing an extremely efficient event delivery model that enables events to be run at minimal costs;
  • fully engaging with government, academia, the finance sector and cleantech companies to complete the required cleantech participants needed for successful collaboration; and
  • a targeted introductory and relationship building process built around individual attendee needs.

The aspirations for the SCN are to facilitate new conversation, inspire collaboration and ultimately generate cleantech industry growth. In providing this facilitation, those involved in its organisation and delivery will increase their profile in the sector and increase their network of potential clients within the sector.

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