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Australian CleanTech has worked the following recent projects to deliver industry growth, jobs, investment and trade:


CleanTech Projects:
Australian CleanTech is providing consulting services to companies seeking commercialisation, expansion and project finance. In addition, Australian CleanTech has provided the services including strategic consulting, corporate structuring, grant submission preparation, power and environmental credit purchase agreement facilitation, funding documentation preparation, financial modeling and introductions to potential investors.
Clients include:

  • A Solar Pv sales and installation company
  • Wind and solar farm developers
  • Landfill gas and geothermal projects in Indonesia
  • A 180MW solar thermal and natural gas fired power station that includes a scalable desalination plant and brine capture and harvesting.
  • A multiple wind farm development that utilises an innovative vertically integrated business model involving community financing and participation.
  • Technology companies involved with energy storage, biofuels, energy efficiency, geothermal energy, water treatment, desalination and nanotechnologies.

Sustainable Innovation & Leadership Course - Australian CleanTech has delivered targeted short courses to industry and government agencies to help them make step changes in leadership thinking, innovation and the transition to sustainability.

Energy Efficiency and Technology Reviews - Australian CleanTech has completed projects reviewing options to introduce energy efficiency measures to a large industrial processing plants.

Global pV Market Review - Australian CleanTech completed reports for the Clean Energy Council on the the global photovoltaic sector and the developments in large scale solar technologies.

Growth Strategy – Australian CleanTech undertook a strategic review of the growth strategy for the Australian subsidiary of a multi-national water company. In particular, we developed scenarios for entry into other sectors and identified specific target acquisitions and projects.

Tender Management – Australian CleanTech led a tender preparation for a wastewater treatment and recycling project in Victoria.

Environmental Water – Australian CleanTech conceived and is currently developing a collaboration of both commercial and non-profit organisations that will enable individuals and companies to invest in environmental water to be able to claim to be ‘Water Neutral’.

CleanFutures AquaSens – Australian CleanTech conceived and established a joint venture to commercialise a nanotechnology that it secured from NanoVentures Australia, the AquaSens biosensor. The sensor is used for the real time detection of phosphate and nitrates in environmental waters.
Clean Air Transport Solutions - Australian CleanTech is assisting in the development of a project to roll out large scale clean transport solutions to the Philippines.


Acquisition Searches - Australian CleanTech has performed acquisition searches and analysis for private equity funds and other corporations seeking to acquire cleantech companies. In particular there has been a focus water companies and technologies.

Solar Technology and Opportunity Review – for an energy company seeking to invest in large scale solar projects.

Coal Bed Methane Review – for a large multi-national energy company reviewing opportunities to invest in the Australian coal seam methane sector.

Korean Conglomerates - Australian CleanTech has worked for several Korean conglomerates seeking profitable investments in Australia. These have included assets connected with renewable energy, resources and property.

Solar Supply Chain - Australian CleanTech has developed a supply chain solution to provide equipment, debt and equity to solar project developers in Australia and internationally.


Federal Government:
Australian CleanTech has worked extensively for the Australian Department of Industry in recent years to deliver two key programs:

Australian Technologies Competition -  - Australian CleanTech developed and launched the Australian Technologies Competition in 2011. It provides a forum for the country's best cleantech companies to be recognised, mentored and celebrated. Each year, 30 companies receive intensive training with the aim of making as many of them into successful businesses as possible.

Australian Cleantech Cluster - - The Australian Cleantech Cluster is a national cluster of over 300 cleantech SMEs. The program provides training, marketing and client introductions to enable the companies to develop and grow. The benefits of this are not only the growth of the member companies but also the improved operational efficiency of the manufacturing, mining and property customers.

State Government:

Australian CleanTech has provided advice to state Government on investment attraction and future skills and training requirements in the cleantech sector. Recent projects include:

  • Cleantech Manufacturing - Funded jointly by the Victorian Government and the City of Hume, Australian CleanTech delivered a project with automotive suppliers working to help find cleantech products to manufacture and cleantech companies to partner in product development.
  • Cleantech Opportunities - Preparation of a South Australian Cleantech Sector Capability and Capacity Study which will involve a survey of all South Australian cleantech companies.
  • Cleantech Training - Future workforce skills and assisting the department to undertake a strategic review of TAFE courses to build in the flexibility to prepare for future technology scenarios.
  • Industrial Park - Australian CleanTech has provided advice on potential tenants, synergies and industrial symbiosis benefits for the development of a proposed industrial park focussed on sustainable industries.

Local Government:

Australian CleanTech works with local Government to assist them in identifying technology and regulatory trends and in developing policies that will stimulate both local economic development and the transition to a lower carbon economy. Recent projects include:

  • Green Growth Strategy - strategic advice on how drive economic development as part of the transition to a Low Carbon Economy.
  • Stormwater Harvesting Business Reviews - Australian CleanTech has completed several strategic reviews for local Councils' water operations business with respect to changing regulatory and commercial environments. The aim of the review is to ensure that its risks are managed and it is structured to achieve the optimum level of sustainable long term growth.
  • Energy Futures - Australian CleanTech was on the advisory board for a local Council Energy Futures project that is looking to deploy and benefit from renewable energy technologies.
  • Community Finance - Australian CleanTech has provided advice to Council economic development and procurement groups on the benefits and structure for community financed projects.

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