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Australian CleanTech and its Australian CleanTech Network is the Australian representative of the Global Cleantech Cluster Association.

Global Cleantech Cluster Association
Global Cleantech is a non-profit association, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. that creates conduits for companies to harness the tremendous benefits of international cleantech cluster collaboration in an efficient, affordable, and structured way. Global Cleantech provides a gateway for established and emerging cleantech companies to gain exposure to potential investors, new markets, influential networks, innovative technologies and best practices. GCCA was founded by swisscleantech, the Finnish Cleantech Cluster, and Watershed Capital Group.

The GCCA currently consists of 50Global Clusters members which represent 10,000 Cleantech Companies Worldwide.

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At the GCCA, we are always striving for business excellence. We believe in sharing best practices as well as insights among all Cleantech cluster managers, including working alongside different groups to aid in the development of successful measures for various Cleantech cluster-based activities. The GCCA provides networking as well as collaboration to all members. All clusters and cluster partners all over the world have direct access to one another. GCCA provides visibility, exposure and complete recognition. This includes not only the website, but also at meetings and events. One of the objectives at the GCCA is to make local Cleantech clusters global. By providing the unique opportunity to talk with other clusters on the other side of the world and open up brand new marketing opportunities.

Global Cleantech Later Stage Award
The Global Cleantech Later Stage Award vets the most promising later stage companies across the globe, awarding the best with the investment exposure and business support they need to succeed. Companies compete in 10 categories, including solar, wind, water, energy efficiency and more. The judges of our later stage award have invested over $3.5b into Cleantech Globally. Winning companies will be introduced to growth capital and management guidance.

The Later Stage Award seeks to not only highlight out the most promising new technologies, but lay the groundwork for those yet to come. Therefore to win, companies must be nominated by a GCCA member cluster. This process bolsters cluster organizations with successful companies and ensures the benefits bestowed on the winners trickle down to others within their member cluster.

2016 Australian Nominations for the Global Cleantech Later Stage Awards
The Australian Cleantech Network nominated the following ten companies as the Australian entrants to the Global Cleantech Later Stage Awards. 

CIM Environmental Group
Melvelle Equipment
Metro Power Company
Ocius Technology
Pacific Environment
Southern Innovation
Switch Automation

At the global awards event in Little Rock, Arkansas in December 2016, GreenSync was awarded global third place for its demand managment and smart grid software system.

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