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Australian CleanTech offers a unique service to Cleantech industry participants by drawing on industry experience, a wide network of local and international contacts and an associate network of industry professionals. The company was founded in early 2007 to fill a research and advisory gap in the Australian market. Through building a strong client base, extensive research resources and by providing opportunities for industry professionals to collaborate, Australian CleanTech has become Australia’s leading corporate advisor for the cleantech industry.

Australian CleanTech has worked with Governments, leading Australian and Asian companies, emerging companies and investors to help deliver some of country’s leading edge cleantech projects. No other organisation has undertaken this breadth of cleantech work in Australia.

Cleantech Value Chain ©

Australian CleanTech operates throughout the Cleantech Value Chain©. Many service providers offer limited services across all sub-sectors and some providers offer multiple services across limited sub-sectors. There are however very few organisations offering services along the length of the Cleantech Value Chain and across all of the sub-sectors. Australian CleanTech fills that niche.


Australian CleanTech’s founder, John O’Brien, spent nine years working in one of Australia’s leading energy companies. He is now a Partner in Deloitte Australia's Financial Advisory team. After holding project management and operational roles, John spent six years in development roles working on development, strategy and M&A projects. During this time John gained extensive experience developing, analysing, investing in and securing Cleantech projects that included:

  • Water infrastructure management
  • Geosequestration
  • Water industry opportunity analysis
  • Natural Gas for Vehicles
  • Wind power
  • Cogeneration
  • Solar thermal
  • Biodiesel industry
  • Hot dry rock development
  • Distributed generation

In addition to this industry experience, John has experience and an extensive network of contacts in investment providers in Australia, China, Korea and the UK. In particular, John has close ties with those investment groups specifically looking to invest in Cleantech projects.

Prior to joining the Australian energy industry, John held teaching, oil and gas and consulting engineering roles in the UK, Canada and the Middle East. John has engineering degrees from the University of Oxford and Trinity College, Dublin and an MBA from the University of Adelaide.

John was a member of South Australia’s Premier’s Climate Change Council and an adjunct lecturer in Leadership and Entrepreneurship on the MBA at the University of Adelaide. Other previous roles include being on the Board of Renewables SA and as a member of Innovation Australia's Clean Technology Innovation Program Committee.

John has been joined by other leading industry professionals as profiled on our People Page

Contacts & Associate Network

Australian CleanTech has extensive contacts throughout the Australian and Asian energy, renewables, water and investment communities. This provides not only the ability to ensure accurate and timely advice but also the ability to connect investment partners with project proponents and vice versa. In addition to providing extensive inhouse knowledge and experience, Australian CleanTech offers access to additional expertise in all areas of Cleantech project development and investment via its wide associate network. This network of independent consultants and service providers ensures all needs can be met through a single contact.

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  • John O'Brien
  • Managing Director
  • Australian CleanTech
  • 8 Arunga Close
  • Goodwood SA 5034
  • ABN: 66 124 840 491
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